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Mount Hermon, Louisiana
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Silver Creek Campground
37323 Highway 1055
Mount Hermon, LA 70450
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Rules & Regulations
Read and obey ALL rules and regulations.
Signature will be required that rules and regulations have been received and read.
Parents/guardians are responsible for children 17 and under and MUST explain ALL rules to children.
NO FIREARMS or ILLEGAL DRUGS allowed in campground. If caught, law enforcement will be called and you will be asked to leave.
5MPH speed limit throughout campground at all times.
NO GLASS BOTTLES allowed in campground.
Quiet Hours: 11pm-8am, Holidays & Special Events 11pm-8am, Meet on the Creek Motorcycle Rally 1am-8am. During quiet hours, turn off all music and refrain from any loud activities or noises. If a neighbor is disturbed, please bring it to the attention of campground personnel. Prior to using generator, check with campground personnel concerning designated area of use.
All children 17 and under MUST be at designated campsite/cabin by 11:15pm, unless being accompanied by an adult.
CHECK IN: 3:00PM  CHECK OUT: NOON. Early arrival permitted if cabin or campsite is available. Anyone late leaving will be charged an additional night.
Pet Rules:
Pets must not be left unattended.
Noisy or dangerous pets will not be permitted.
No vicious dogs or reptiles allowed.
Respect your fellow camper, and do not allow pet to eliminate on other's campsite or other areas frequented by the public.
Pets are not allowed in or around swimming pool area, office, game room, bath house, or laundromat.
Pets will be permitted into cabin rentals, but MUST be kenneled while indoors.
Littering & Garbage
No littering campground, trail system, or mud pit.
All garbage must be placed in dumpster located near the front of the campground.
Guest leaving garbage behind at campsite/cabin will be accessed a $25 clean-up fee.
Campfires will be permitted at campsite and cabin, provided no burn ban is in effect.
Only wood will be permitted to burn.
Wood must not have nails or screws.
Guest not cleaning burn pile will be accessed a $25 clean-up fee.
Swimming Pool:
Pool Hours: 10am-10pm.
Parent/guardian MUST accompany any child under the age of 14, to and during swimming in pool.
No food, beverages, or smoking in or around pool area.
No horseplay (running, pushing, flipping from diving board, jumping or diving from side of pool.
All swim toys and floats must be approved by campground personnel.
NO MUD ALLOWED IN SWIMMING POOL. The swimming pool is not a shower or bath tub.
Bath House:
No MUD in shower house.
Guest caught entering bath house will be fined.
Trespass Rules:
All property outside the boundaries of the campground and trail system is private property, and under private ownership. Louisiana Trespass Laws will apply.
Consquences for rules if broken:
1st offense: $25    2nd offense: $75    3rd offense: asked to leave
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Guest and visitors are subjected to being photographed. Images may be used for marketing purposes. Silver Creek Campground is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal property, injury, or death.
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